Mauro Evangelisti Servizi Informatici (MESI) is an Italian full-service IT support provider. Founded in 1994 as software development company, MESI is now a growing company. We serve some commercial and government customers in centre-north Italy and some international organizations.

Our core competencies include: network administration, network security, database development & administration, secured wireless and software development.



  • Founded in September 1994
  • Headquarters in Pisa, Italy

Quality Policy

MESI is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed our customers' expectations of highest quality, best-value cost, and on-time delivery. All MESI employees are responsible to assure quality in product and service delivery and empowered to resolve any inconsistencies with expedience and fairness for all.


The MESI team delivers best-value IT solutions, partnering with our customers to help achieve their goals. We provide quality products, solutions, and services - on time, within budget.


Corporate values shape our success. Company ethics drive the interaction of our client focus, quality staff, and technical expertise. The fundamental importance of family, community, and collaboration are MESI cornerstones. MESI judges its effectiveness based on the following values:

  • Absolute Customer Service
    • Empower employees to ensure customer satisfaction
    • Every customer concern must be noted and addressed immediately
  • Honesty
    • To our customers and each other
  • Innovation
    • Implement better methods and processes for all key tasks
    • All processes must add value
  • Open Communication
    • Say what is on your mind
    • Resolve issues early
  • Responsibility
    • Take 100 % responsibility for a task, once accepted
    • Learn to deliver a task and accept a task - communicate
    • Don't drop the ball!
  • We Care
    • About our customers
    • About each other
    • Everyone shares in the success

All Promises Must Be Kept.