MESI is a company that designs and develops solutions and provides services in the IT field.

IT stands for Information Technology, that is a generic expression that refers to use the technology to manage and process the information, especially in large organizations both public and private.

The designed and implemented solutions belong to the clients and that means that MESI doesn’t own products that can sell, but it has the so-called “know how”, i.e. it has the knowledge and the skills required to design, develop and implement a wide range of solutions. The IT is a really huge subject and nobody can honestly say to know and to be able to do everything: that is way MESI has developed the ability to put together different people/company, each one with its own skills, in order to face and solve specific problems.

MESI prefers to develop its solutions using open-source software, based on a LAMP environment. When necessary/useful the most recent virtualization technolgies (such as LXC and OpenVZ) are adopted:


Finally, monitoring tools (such as Nagios) are used to provide the most proactive and reliable services.